For Young Women: How to Get a Boyfriend ?

Males, to state the obvious, are not like women and must be handled differently.  For one thing, as pointed out at, they do not just want to be used as fashion statements. So if you want a boyfriend, make sure that you like him and are willing to be in a serious commitment with him, or at least you feel you may be, if you get to know him better.  Below are some ways to get your chosen man by your side.

This sounds ridiculously simple but it’s true:  If you do not already know him, then introduce yourself!   If he is interested in you enough to want to get to know you better himself, get him to add some “women” conversation, ask his opinion about you and your stuff.

Show interest in his life. Make it easy for him to be friendly and talkative with you, but not overpowering.  Invite him to a party but not just to make out with him or anything, be friendly with him alone until he makes it clear that he really likes you, and wants to be around you.  At this point, just be yourself and let things unwind themselves.

Here are some simple young women’s lifestyle personality dating tips :

If the person you like is shy, then be very gentle to him but admire him for his strengths; few men can resist being told how manly they are unless the girl who tells them is one they are very uninterested in.

Do not be afraid;  if you feel you can go up to him without him bashing your heart against the wall (whether on purpose or not) and you notice his seeming interest in you, then you are probably okay.

Do not use him or let him use you, unless you’re both clear about what’s happening!  Boys may be bad about using women.. they can be weak around an irresistible woman even if they are not interested in her long-term, which can lead to breaking your heart  or even having a stalker who wants you for the WRONG reasons.


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